Not necessarily in order here are four important things that drive the sale of a home. Location, Amenities, Condition, and Price.

Let’s look at two of them.

Location usually relates to a home being in a demand area. But don’t forget that while an agent may say, “Wow, this home is in a great location”, it may not be your cup of tea. Look around; get a feel for the area. Ask yourself, “Does this location meet my recreational, occupational, life style, personal preferences, and social needs?”

After getting all of the facts…You decide what location is right for you.  Here’s a link to a few locations that are getting a lot of love.

Amenities can refer to things like a pool, (which is a neutral price wise), a garage, family room, or a fabulous kitchen or bathroom. Make sure the amenities have real value for you. Avoid getting sold on a house that has only two bedrooms when you absolutely need three but it has a killer kitchen.

In short, look beyond amenities that are more show than go.


On another note… 87 year old Willie Nelson has a wonderful new album called First Rose of Spring. There are 11 songs, two of which are originals. Given his age the album is understandably reflective, but it lacks no loss of energy or any feeling that it is the end of the line. Nelson’s laid back delivery on this album harks back to 1975’s Red Headed Stranger complete with its timeless sense of Americana…in Willie’s world time can and frequently does stand still. That fact alone, in these times of hyper accelerated change and pandemic Willie Nelson’s new album is just what the Doctor ordered.



by Middleton O’Malley: 1st Time Buyer & Over 60 Specialist.  Everything you need.