Agent/Client Relationships…Competency And Trust

Finding The Right Agent

  • The importance of this decision is easily overlooked.  
  • Understandable, but not a great idea…because an agent must, above all, know what they are doing, and be the right fit for your needs. 
  • What’s the answer?  Interview multiple agents, or get an agent referral from another satisfied client.  Please take a look at our testimonials. 
  • We will show you exactly what we will do for you.  We provide a customized program that addresses your house, and your needs.
  • Hiring the right agent makes all the difference, and maximizes the results.
  • We are proactive problem solvers…… for the benefit of you, or any extended family member.
  • Important!  When you first speak with an agent you are only a customer. Agents can only do a limited range of things for you, plus, they are not bound by confidentiality.
  • Until you become a client you are advised not to say anything you don’t wish repeated. 
  • Agent/client relationships needs to be fully explained, and there’s a State form that needs to be completed before your agent can provide you with advice, counsel, and confidentiality.
  • Are you a Customer or a Client?  To find out more…call us.  504-579-4717
  • In addition to our established clients, we specialize in serving the A-Z needs of all Buyers & Sellers,  International Clients, 55+ Clients, First Time Buyers, and Military personnel.
  • Take a look at our client testimonials: Please take a look at our testimonials. 

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