The danger of communication failure when using only email or text.

When it comes to actually doing business and making important decisions, as you go down the communication chain you loose something important at each lower level. The clarity of thought, the look in someone’s eyes, the subtlety of voice change, are all significant components of a human beings ability to read someone when they’re doing business with them.  No computer can replace that talent. The power of human contact is lost in a misunderstanding that is all too easily achieved when business dealings are reduced to digitized babble.  Got an agent who negotiates or communicates on your behalf only via email or text?  That’s not cool, and you have a problem.  It’s your money that’s being risked because someone doesn’t know how to communicate effectively. 


Face to face.  100% effective

Skype, Zoom, etc)   90% effective

Telephone.   70% effective

Email.    50% effective

Text.  25% effective

Hire an agent who knows how to defend and negotiate the best deal, for you and your family, through the effective use of strong communication skills. 

Middleton O’Malley

Coldwell Banker TEC