Inspection? Don’t Fear

Getting an offer on your home is just the beginning of the transaction.  During its sale things can unexpectedly happen.

One of the most frequently identified obstacles to the completion of a successful sale is the home inspection process.

The functional condition of virtually any home inevitably translates into its sale price, and or time needed to sell it.

Here’s a suggestion that will help you sell your home…before you put it on the market, spend some smart money and have it pre-sale inspected. That will accomplish the following:

  1. Reduce the fear of the unknown.
  2. Reduce the potential for a sale killing inspection.
  3. Let you know where potential problems or valid deficiencies exist.
  4. Allow you to prioritize importance of repairs, and what repairs are within your budget.
  5. You’ll not be on the defensive when you receive a buyer’s inspection response.
  6. For obvious reasons, pre-inspected homes are more attractive to buyers.

This helpful advice is just one of many that we provide to our clients; helping them achieve the maximum return on the sale of their greatest asset, their home.

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