Selling your home? What you can do to get the best results.

The most intelligent and positive thing any seller can do is to price their house competitively.  Next, stage the property to make it look better than your competition.  But, again, the most important thing you can do is to list a property as close as possible to its actual value based on intelligently, and realistically calculated comps.  Selecting an agent because they tell you a price you want to hear is a lethal mistake.  Make them show you comps that look like your home, have similar amenities, condition, pricing, and location.

As the Feds continue their attempt to cool off the economy, one of the indicators that the market is actually decelerating is the number of price reductions.  We’re seeing more price reductions than we have in years.  One of the reasons is because the property may have been overpriced.  Overpricing was very common when the market was red hot.  But now, if you haven’t had an offer or significant interest within the first few weeks, it may be time for a price adjustment.

We offer our clients the truth, and competency.  We have a reputation for detailed analysis of property values.  Count on us to list your house at the most rewarding and competitive price that will make sure it doesn’t doesn’t start “following The Market”, an affliction that inevitably results in a sale price lower than had it been priced correctly in the first place.

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