Real Estate Tips: Secret Video Recording of Buyers, Red Flag issues with Slab Built Homes

Selling Your House…Got Cameras and Audio Recorders in it?

You’d be surprised what buyers say about our darling homes. Naughty, naughty! But the fact is they have a right to privacy, so, if you have operating audio/video equipment in a home that you’re selling, make sure that your agent discloses that fact in the agent remarks section in the MLS listing, as well as other pieces of literature such as flyers. The public has a right to know.

Buying an older home built on a slab?

If the slab built home you’re thinking about buying is 50+ years old, you can almost guarantee that the cast iron pipes under the house, and those running out to the street are in less than stellar condition. That’s in addition to other age related deficiencies such as deteriorating pilings. With older slab built homes the bywords are… Inspect everything very carefully, and Video Inspect all under slab drain pipes.