• When buying a home, give serious thought to how easy or difficult it might be to sell that home. 
  • Your real estate agent should know about the different factors that could affect its resale potential so you can make your best decision, up front.
  • Flood zones are one of those factors. In an AE (not good) flood zone, flood insurance can cost $2,900 a year, that’s $241 bucks a month!
  • Flood insurance in an X flood zone costs about $450-$500.00 a year, that’s $41.00 bucks a month.
  • That’s enough $$ difference to dramatically affect the resale potential of a home.
  • You don’t want to hear, “It’s a lovely home, but we can’t afford to pay the flood insurance”. BTW, this is something more frequently heard with homes selling for under $350,000.
  • Remember, the lower the price point the less money the buyers have and the more important operating costs become.

All buyers truly benefit from hiring an experienced agent. An agent who knows about the many factors that could affect the resale of a home you’re thinking about buying.

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