Would You Jeopardize The Sale Of Your Property Over A $25.00 Mirror?

“When I bought the condo, the prior owner took the bathroom mirror, so I did too.” “They wouldn’t expect me to include the chandelier, would they?”

We’ve heard these comments, and more, but when buyers come into your home there must be a very explicit list describing what stays and what goes. And if it’s something that will break your heart should the buyer demand that it stays, even though you intend to clearly state that it’s not included in the sale, remove it and replace it with something else before the first buyer comes through your front door. This is especially true in a buyer’s market.

It’s human nature to want what we can’t have. So even if you say that your Grandmother’s chandelier in the living room or the mirror in the bathroom, (the one you bought at a yard sale for 25 bucks when you were 22), isn’t included in the sale, you can count on the buyer making a stink about it.

Note to self: When selling a property, any movable item that I love and want to take with me that’s visible to the human eye, at minimum, must be clearly stated as not included in the sale in the Public and Agent remarks of the MLS listing, and any brochure literature. Or, I will wind up at the Act of Sale going to war with the buyer over Grandma’s chandelier, or a $25.00 mirror, (That’s what the one in the photo costs at Walmart).

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