You will not find a more reliable, trustworthy, and supportive realtor duo than Middie and Wanda. Together, they guided my husband and I through the process of buying a home for the first time. They helped us to work through issues with financing and navigate an intimidating market. Middie and Wanda remained on stand-by for nearly a year while we worked with our lender to get approved. Then they approached home viewing with complete excitement and support. When it came to any challenges (which there were very few due to their competence) Middie also reassured us that “there are no unsolvable problems”. With this team it’s really true. Middie has so many relationships in the industry I often thought he was a miracle worker in lining up inspections with pest control, overall home inspectors, and a structural engineer in less than 24 hours. After closing on our home Middie continues to lend support and advice with navigating home ownership. I can’t recommend Middie and Wanda enough and we look forward to working together again in any future real estate endeavors we embark upon.

Stacey & Jestin